The GTSMART is a prestigious company with more than 13 years and offers his best marketing tool, the ERP Tax.

A system that uses the most advanced technology to organize the management of business taxes.

With the ERP Tax, there is the agility and simplification of procedures related to federal taxes, payments in avoiding duplication, errors and problems with monitoring fills in the statements of Federal Revenue.

The modules of ERP Tax can work together or individually, can also be integrated into existing systems in the enterprise, making the technology work in their favor.

Our team of professionals is highly skilled, trained and skilled in operating procedures, with great knowledge and experience in tax law. Thus, they are prepared for the specific needs of your business, offering personalized service and the most appropriate solutions in tax management.


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  14/05/2018 as 11:30
Entidades devem ficar atentas as obrigações do SPED: ECD e ECF 2018 vem aí!

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SPED ECD 2018: Maio tem entrega da Escrituração Contábil Digital




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