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The module Lalur manages the investigation of various taxes and benefits, with emphasis on Social Assistance and Real Earnings in all its forms.
Should be used for this month and allows the user to analyze and choose the best form of payment of taxes.
After entering the release of tax adjustments and determination of the Real Earnings, you have multiple reports and especially the management of verification BOOK OF REAL PROFITS, as already carried legislation.
It is thus a system of great importance, as is well known and notorious that the bookkeeping of the book LALUR sometimes be delayed for lack of people skilled in the subject, for DIPJs already delivered and consolidated.
Still, through the interface, the system releases import and export data accounting for DIPJ.
It also allowed through TXT file that is the import into the system Balancente Book of the month, facilitating the parameterization of bookmarks and lines of DIPJ through the plan of balance sheet accounts.

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