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The module TRIBUTOS manages the withholding and payment of all federal taxes, in its many forms of investigation, collecting and deadlines, as relevant legislation.
Organizes and centralizes taxes related to freelance and service providers, avoiding errors in the calculations and rework the electronic filing of declarations (DCTF, DIRF, SEFIP).
The system is very practical and you can change the tables, where there are changes in legislation in relation to the parameters of aliquots of calculations and time of collection, regardless of the update, route planning.
The system also handles the calculation of the ISS, regarding the acquisition of services, and export the information necessary for the DES, as layout and county.
The module can be integrated via TXT, the accounting systems, financial and electronic payment, facilitating the full control of the systems.
Faced with the many changes in legislation, it became essential to organize and control the collection of taxes and deductions, through electronics.
The module Taxes do that so fully automated and intuitive, without plaster or modify existing processes in your business.

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